Volunteer with PCO!

In addition to the nearly 150 members of the choir and orchestra, PCO relies heavily on key volunteer positions to produce its highly professional concerts each season.  The more people involved, the better, as it spreads out the tasks and brings in more creative ideas.

If you are in the choir & orchestra, you are welcome to help in these efforts (many of you do already).  Many friends and family members of singers/players participate participate in this way to help further the mission of PCO in Inspiring the Northwest!

Below are areas where we would love to add your volunteer muscle.  Most areas involve on average an hour or two per week, with some areas heating up a bit more around concert time.  Click here to Contact Us to find out more about any position or to let us know you are interested!


  • Executive Director
  • Grant Writer
  • Development: Identify Potential Donors
  • Website updating

Concert Production

  • Printed Program Production
  • Ticket Sales
  • Video producer for in-concert videos
  • Technical director
  • Logistics Manager
  • Video Director
  • House Manager
  • Floor Manager


  • Video Editor
  • Archivist (Audio & Video recording)